Simplified and Flexible Auto Transportation Management for Shippers

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Simplify Your Auto Transportation Management with 1Dispatch

Count on 1Dispatch to give you complete visibility and control over all transportation activity by seamlessly connecting your vehicle purchases from any source to the auto industry’s most expansive network of qualified carriers. The web-based, flexible dispatch process powered by a self-managed toolset and a 1Dex suggested transport price for each of your vehicles will help control costs and centralize your workflow into a single platform.

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Connect Your Vehicle Purchases from Industry Partners

Save time with uploading vehicle information by automatically linking your vehicle purchases from 1Dispatch industry partners. 1Dispatch Partner Connect makes it easy to share your vehicle purchase information from OVE, Simulcast Everywhere, and SmartAuction, so there's no need to manually enter or upload data and your vehicles are available for transport in 1Dispatch immediately.

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Strengthen and Centralize Your Carrier Network

Strengthen your carrier network by easily inviting your existing carriers and connecting to the established network of 1Dispatch qualified carriers who have been screened for insurance and safety compliance to provide you increased protection.